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Corporate Management RU
Corporate Management RU

AXIOM InRe Insurance Brokers values corporate governance as a tool to increase the efficiency of its operations, strengthen its reputation.

Our Corporate Governance Code sets out the rules and recommendations for us to ensure the efficiency, transparency, accountability, and high level of business ethics in relations within the Company and with other stakeholders.

Corporate governance principles

The corporate governance of AXIOM InRe Insurance Brokers is based on the principles of justice, honesty, responsibility, transparency, professionalism and competence.

AXIOM InRe Insurance Brokers strive to follow the standards of good corporate governance, and to constantly improve and develop our corporate governance system, the fundamental principles of which are as follows:

  • separation and delegation of responsibilities
  • protection the rights and interests of our shareholders
  • effective management of the company by the board and the management
  • sustainable growth of the company
  • fair regulation of corporate conflicts and conflicts of interest
  • transparency and integrity in information disclosure



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In addition, AXIOM InRe Insurance Brokers are guided by the Code of Business Ethics, which determines the values of the company and the basis of its operation and external communications.