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Insurance Company AXIOM InRe

We are a group of independent, privately owned, licensed full service insurance & reinsurance brokers providing complete local support in Kazakhstan, Russia and other Former Soviet Union countries in terms of broking, servicing and claims expertise.

AXIOM operate from offices in Kazakhstan, the Isle of Man and Russia.

XIOM builds upon a set of traditions and values stretching back over 20 years. Central to this tradition is our forward-looking and innovative approach in developing new and creative insurance broking and risk services for our clients.

  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Professionalism and Effectiveness
  • Loyalty and accountability
  • Pursuit for perfection
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Traditionalism
  • Transparency and goodwill

Our vision is to lead the Kazakh and Russian markets in placing insurances for large enterprises and financial institutions, as well as reinsurance business by 2025.

Our mission is to make insurance and reinsurance better:- by fulfilling the requirements of our customers who need to implement effective risk management and improve parameters of their insurance programmes, to achieve peace of mind in their daily activities.



+7 (499) 557-00-23
+7 (499) 643-30-40
+7 (903) 267-61-64

Дильдяев Ярослав Григорьевичведущий специалист


AXIOM traces its roots to the activities of Heath Lambert operating in the insurance market in Kazakhstan. Heath Lambert have been working with Kazakh Insurance companies since 1995 (as Heath Group).

The Heath Group has established a regional office: Heath Kazakhstan, subsidiary to London based company Heath Kazakhstan Limited.

To comply with expanding local requirements, Heath Lambert Kazakhstan Limited have established a licenced local subsidiary broking company Heath Lambert Alatau Limited in 2000.

Heath Lambert Alatau Limited changed its name to Heath Lambert CIS Limited, reflecting its role as the Group’s regional hub for the CIS region.

As a part of disposal of Heath Lambert’s international entities, Heath Lambert CIS Limited was sold to the management and its name was changed to Insurance Broker AXIOM.

We have been working with Russian insurance companies and Aviation clients since 2002 (as Heath Lambert). In 2007 we have acquired a small independent Moscow broker called TAURUS which had been in operation since 2003 and changed its name to AXIOM InRe Insurance Brokers, which was to be a sister company to AXIOM in Kazakhstan. The reason for this move was to build up our business in two territories, and to obtain market share in the much larger Russian insurance market.

To enhance our reinsurance broking capabilities, we established AXIOManx Reinsurance Brokers Limited on the Isle of Man in 2012.